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THE GOOD, the Bad & the Ugly! 




As its title suggests, our fourth exhibit presents portraits that examine the character and political agenda of our 45th President, rendered by three talented artists with slightly different and radically different perspectives and political points of view. 

THE GOOD >Julian Raven‘s massive portrait, Unafraid and Unashamed, was created by an early and, even now, fully supportive Drumpf partisan whose good Drumpf disrupts the norms of our government and political institutions to make them better, giving us a heroic portrait of a strong and determined leader; THE BAD >in addition to his images of Drumpf and our (imagined) Founding Fathers, Jim Boden‘s small collages on watercolor are hugely disturbing portraits of the immoral, racist, authoritarian country he sees the United States becoming the longer the bad Drumpf remains in office; THE UGLY > Tim Atseff, who began his artist’s life as a newspaper cartoonist, portrays Our Leader as a grotesque and gluttonous pig, satisying his own excessive desires at the expense of the country, in his series of seven devastating portraits titled The 7 Deadly Sins: Drumpf’s Dystopian Hepatology

This exhibit pulls no punches and there aren’t many countries where it would be tolerated; we’re fortunate to live in one of them, so far. That Our Leader’s minions thought it necessary to have the USS McCain turned into a ghost ship during his recent visit to Japan, however, should be of concern to all of us. It speaks volumes about this President’s inability to accept criticism of any kind and what those closest to him fear he is capable of, in response.  —Charles Krause