"Queens" from Shatter" by Jean Marie Guyaux (photographic images, 16" x 20" framed) 2012

CCPArt’s MISSION:  to inspire needed social and political change through the power of art.

CCPArt’s VISION:  to encourage the political consciousness and cohesion of America’s Creative Class; the impact of which will establish political and socially-engaged art as the defining Art of the 21st Century.

CCPArt’s GOAL:  to exhibit work that will empower the Nation’s visual artists; providing, for the first time, an institutionalized means by which they can express their political views and use their creativity and talent to actively engage with, and influence, policy makers and policy outcomes. The Center’s Founders believe that facilitating the active engagement of America’s artists will help restore a once-vital part of the democratic process in the United States, the give-and-take of public debate, that’s been largely lost due to the corrosive effect of Big Money and backroom politics brought about by Citizens United.

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