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Martin Pearl
Martin Pearl

It was Martin Pearl’s lonely vigil, standing, as he does, two or three hours every day, in front of the White House with a placard reading “Hate won’t make America great,” that inspired this Call for Art and the exhibition that will follow.

It was the No!Art movement, which Boris Lurie co-founded in 1960 in New York to protest the commercialization of Art; threat of nuclear war at the height of the Cold War; and the pretentions and hypocrisy of American society in the ‘50s, that inspired the title for this exhibition.

And it was the impact of Jerzy Janiszewski’s logo for Lech Walesa’s Solidarity movement in Poland in 1980, which became the symbol of freedom from Russian domination and communism in Poland and throughout Central Europe in 1989, that made us think that We the
People could use a symbol to rally around now.

It would be worn by Americans of good will who reject hate as a political tactic and exclusion, xenophobia and self-enrichment as a philosophy of governance; to let others know who we are, and how many of us there are, as we approach an election in 2020 that may decide the future of our country for much of the rest of the 21st century.




This Call is for art to be presented in THE NO!HATE SHOW, a two-part juried exhibition opening October 16, 2019 (through December 1, 2019) in our galleries at 916 G Street NW, a block from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and seven blocks from the White House. The jurors for the exhibition will be respected museum directors, curators, gallerists, and/or collectors.  

NO! TO HATE Section 1: Artists are invited to submit paintings, drawings, assemblages, ceramic art, photography, prints of all kinds, graphic art and sculpture which 1) portray or protest the racial or religious prejudice, xenophobia or misogyny that exists in the United States; 2) reject the Nativist philosophy the President of the United States espouses;  3) oppose the use of divisiveness and hate as a political tactic; 4) portray or protest the vilification and fears of undocumented workers and their families; 5) portray or protest the way refugees seeking asylum in the United States are received and treated by U.S. officials at our southern border.

NO! TO HATE SYMBOL Section 2: Graphic artists are invited to submit original graphic designs for a national symbol representing the rejection of hate and its use as a political tactic;  disrespect for rule of law; racism; Nativism; anti-immigrant prejudice; misogyny; anti-Semitism; the use of disenfranchisement  and other tactics to maintain white majority rule in the United States.


To submit art, please read read all the way through. At the bottom of this page is the submission form you must use to be considered by the jury. 

  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: The deadline for submissions is midnight, Saturday, October 5, 2019.
  • WINNING ENTRIES: Artists whose work is accepted for the exhibition will be notified by email no later than October 7, 2019.
  • DELIVERY: Work accepted for the exhibition must be delivered to CCPArt no later than October 14,2019. Artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from CCPArt; a return, pre-paid UPS or Fedex shipping label should be included with each accepted submission.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Any artist 17 years or older who is a U.S. citizen or who is currently living in the United States, including artists living in the United States without official documents or who is currently being held in a U.S. government facility for refugees, awaiting determination of their status.
  • WHAT TO SUBMIT: Each artist may submit one or(no more than) two different original works of art for the jury’s consideration. No more than two high res images of each work may be submitted in jpeg format. If possible, the artist’s last name and the title of his or her work should be included in the jpeg.
  • HOW TO SUBMIT: The official entry form may be found below. Each submission must have, clearly indicated, the artist’s name, title of the work(s) submitted; medium; dimensions; year completed; an artist’s statement of no more than 350 words; phone number; address; and email address.
  • ENTRY FEES: None.
  • CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT: The Center for Contemporary Political Art will do its best to acknowledge receipt of submissions by return email within 48 hours. If an artist does not receive confirmation, he or she should contact the Center by phone (202-638-3612) or by email:
  • SALE OF WORK: Artists who wish to sell their work should inform the Center of their intent and asking price at the time they are notified their entry has been selected by the jury. The Center will not act as their agent or charge a commission if a work is sold. It will, however, facilitate contacts between artists and collectors who express interest in purchasing a work from the exhibit.
  • TERMS OF SUBMISSION: By submitting his or her work, the artist acknowledges having read, and accepted, the conditions for entry set forth in this Call for Entries.
  • LICENSE IMAGES: As a condition of entry, artists whose work is selected for the NO!HATE exhibit and/or future exhibits, will allow The Center 1) to use images of the artist's work in print and online to publicize the exhibit and the Center, and to further the Center's goal of demonstrating the power of fine art and images of fine art to educate and influence public opinion and the dynamic of social and political change; and 2) to license images of the work, free of charge, to any NGO or not-for-profit institution or corporation whose purpose or positions the Center determines is/are compatible with the artist's views, as expressed in the work of art on display at the Center in Washington. We ask this of the artists to further what we assume to be a mutual interest in increasing public dissemination of the artist's political work; and to demonstrate the impact powerful visual images can have on their own or in support of efforts to increase public awareness and/or influence public perceptions of contentious social and political issues in the United States.
  • CONTACT THE CENTER: Should artists have additional questions, they are invited to contact Charles Krause by email ( or by phone (202-638-3612) during business hours, noon to 8 p.m. EST, Mon-Sat

NOTE: The jury will judge all submissions on the basis of their originality, excellence of technique and potential for impact, by which we mean the clarity of the mood or message the artist intends to convey to those who see their work.

While we are happy to receive work in any style and will not favor one style over another, we want to encourage submissions of abstract works that express the artist’s feelings or emotional response to the issues this exhibition will address.

The No!Hate Show (PDF)


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Call for Entries - Artwork Submissions Form

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