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CCPArt is pleased to announce an OPEN CALL for its inaugural exhibit.


ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: The Age of Trump has brought unprecedented uncertainty and crisis to Washington.  This Open Call challenges America’s artists to respond with Art as powerful as the times are dangerous, to help Americans understand what’s at stake--- and why it’s their duty to vote---in the November 2018 mid-term elections. Because of its scope, timing and institutional backing, The Center is hopeful its first, Defining exhibition will lead to a redefinition of the role artists play in our society; identify the country’s leading practitioners of political art; and demonstrate why political art should be recognized as a valued genre of American art in the 21st Century.


Artists, you are asked to submit work that expresses your views with reference to:

    • President Trump's character and style of governing;
      • How his Administration's policies have affected you personally, your family, the cities and towns where you live or the values you think our country stands for;
      • The extent to which Russia's interference in the 2016 election, coupled with the President's efforts to discredit US intelligence reports and the Mueller investigation, has contributed to your view of the President; your confidence in our system of representative democracy and/or trust in the candidates you will have to choose from who are running for federal office in your state or congressional district in the mid-terms;
      • What’s at stake in November? Is it important that Americans vote? What happens if the Republicans retain their majority control of both Houses of Congress? Of either the Senate or the House? Do you think it would be best for the country if the Democrats gain majorities in both Houses? Why? Should they impeach and convict the President for committing high crimes and misdemeanors if they do gain control? Why?

NOTE: The jury will judge all submissions on their originality, excellence of technique and potential impact, by which we mean the clarity of the mood or message the artist intends to convey to those who see their work about one or more of the political issues facing the country, as referenced above.

NOTE: While we are happy to receive work in any style and will not favor one style over another, we want to encourage submissions of abstract works that express the artist’s feelings or emotional response to the changes The Age of Trump has brought about in their lives and/or expectations for the future.


  • ELIGIBILITY: Any artist resident in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam or housed in a U.S. detention facility for undocumented aliens or asylum seekers, is eligible to submit his or her original art work for consideration by the judges.
  • MEDIA: Paintings, drawings, sculpture, hand-carved prints, digital, video and graphic art as well as designs for political campaign posters may be submitted.
  • SUBMISSIONS: Individual artists may submit no more than two images of no more than two works of their art (in jpeg or png format) to The absolute deadline for submitting artwork for consideration is 11:59 p.m., ET, September 14, 2018. Each art work submitted must be accompanied by an Artist’s Statement of no more than 250 words; on the same page, at the top, artists must also provide the following:  the artist’s name, the entry’s title, materials used, dimensions, year the work was completed, the artist’s preferred email address and cell phone number. The work’s title and artist’s name must also be clearly legible on all jpegs or pngs of works submitted for consideration.
  • CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT: The Center for Contemporary Political Art will do its best to acknowledge receipt of submissions by return email within 48 hours. If an artist does not receive confirmation, he or she should contact the Center by phone (202-638-3612) or by
  • TERMS OF SUBMISSION: By submitting his or her work, the artist acknowledges having read, and accepted, the conditions for entry set forth in this Call for Entries.
  • LICENSE IMAGES: As a condition of entry, artists whose work is selected for the Defining exhibit and/or future exhibits, will allow The Center 1) to use images of the artist's work in print and online to publicize the exhibit and the Center, and to further the Center's goal of demonstrating the power of fine art and images of fine art to educate and influence public opinion and the dynamic of social and political change; and 2) to license images of the work, free of charge, to any NGO or not-for-profit institution or corporation whose purpose or positions the Center determines is/are compatible with the artist's views, as expressed in the work of art on display at the Center in Washington. We ask this of the artists to further what we assume to be a mutual interest in increasing public dissemination of the artist's political work; and to demonstrate the impact powerful visual images can have on their own or in support of efforts to increase public awareness and/or influence public perceptions of contentious social and political issues in the United States.
  • WINNING ENTRIES: Artists whose original work is selected by the jury for the Defining exhibition shall be notified no later than September 18, 2018 and will be required to send or deliver their work to the Center no later than September 25, 2018. Artists are responsible for all costs related to framing, transporting, and insuring the shipment of their work to and from the Center.
  • SALE OF WORK: Artists who wish to sell their work should inform the Center of their intent and asking price at the time they are notified their entry has been selected by the jury. The Center will not act as their agent or charge a commission if a work is sold. It will, however, facilitate contacts between artists and collectors who express interest in purchasing a work from the exhibit.
  • ENTRY FEE: None.
  • CONTACT THE CENTER: Should artists have additional questions, they are invited to contact Charles Krause by email ( or by phone (202-638-3612) during business hours, noon to 8 p.m. EST, Mon-Sat


The Center is the nation's first political arts think tank and exhibition space; a new, not-for-profit institution which hopes to provide a home for political art in the Nation’s Capital. Its founders believe fine art and the visual images created from it can be a powerful means of sounding the alarm in defense of our civil liberties; inspiring social and civic engagement; and creating the conditions for social and political reform, and change.

They hope America’s visual artists will take full advantage of the opportunity this juried exhibition offers them to 1) create original artwork expressing their political views, to be exhibited in Washington during the six weeks preceding the November mid-term elections; 2) demonstrate the power of their art to inform public opinion and influence civic engagement, and 3) express their determination to collectively defend artistic freedom should the U.S. government or its agents attempt, now or in the future, to intimidate or punish artists for exercising their First Amendment rights as currently defined by law and custom in the United States.

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